Hvordan fungerer Smart Location?

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ExpressVPN’s Smart Location feature automatically picks the best VPN location for you. The Smart Location algorithm ranks VPN locations using anonymous metrics such as download speed, latency, and distance.

Note: It is not possible to “disable” Smart Location. To connect to another location, simply follow these steps.

Who should use Smart Location?

If getting connected quickly and browsing with best speeds are your top priorities, Smart Location will recommend a location for you.

If you don’t have a preference for which server to connect to, then consider using Smart Location by default.

How to connect to Smart Location

To connect using Smart Location on the Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS apps, simply click or tap on the VPN ON button.

Click to connect ExpressVPN on Mac.

To connect using Smart Location on the Linux app, enter expressvpn connect smart


On the ExpressVPN app for routers, you will be connected to Smart Location by default.

The ExpressVPN router app is connected.

Connect to a different server location

If you’d like to connect to other locations, you can also open up a list of recommended locations.

  • On the Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS apps: Select CHOOSE LOCATION > Recommended tab > double click on a location of your choice. You can also browse all locations or search for a specific location to connect to.
  • On the Linux app: enter expressvpn list and choose one of the locations marked “Y” for recommended. Next, enter expressvpn connect [location name] to connect to a recommended location. You can also use this command to connect to a location of your choice.
  • For the ExpressVPN app for routers: Go to the router app admin panel, select a location listed on the main VPN tab to connect to it. You can also select All Locations or search for a specific location to connect to.

If you’ve previously connected to a different server location, you can return to Smart Location by selecting the location marked Smart Location.

Click on the Smart Location.

Hvordan fungerer Smart Location?
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