Sådan konfigureres ExpressVPN L2TP til din Amazon / Kindle Fire OS-enhed

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This tutorial will teach you how to set up ExpressVPN on your Kindle Fire with the L2TP protocol.

Get your ExpressVPN account credentials

To set up ExpressVPN manually for your Amazon/Kindle Fire OS tablet using L2TP, you will first need to obtain your ExpressVPN credentials for the manual configuration.

Open the Welcome Email you received when you signed up for ExpressVPN then open the link in the email.

open the welcome email

Sign in to your ExpressVPN account using your ExpressVPN username and password.

sign in to your expressvpn account

Click Set Up on More Devices.

set up on more devices windows

Tap on Manual Config on the left side of the screen and then select PPTP & L2TP/IPsec on the right. This will show you your usernamepassword, and a list of server addresses around the world.

To copy, tap on the copy information icon on the top right corner of the box. You will need these details later for the setup.

tap to copy activation code

Configure the VPN on your Kindle Fire

Go into your device’s settings by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the Settings cog.


From the “Settings” panel, select Wireless & VPN.


From the “Wireless & VPN” panel, select VPN.

vpn settings

You might encounter a warning asking you to set a lock screen PIN or password. Tap OK. (If you already have a lock screen PIN or password set on your device, please skip this step.

set lock screen pin or password

On the “Lock Screen Password” screen, enter a PIN of your choice in both fields. Tap Finish.

enter pin

Select the plus (+) sign to add a new VPN profile.

add new vpn profile

In the “Edit VPN profile” panel, please do the following:

Name: enter a VPN profile name (you can make this up).

Type: select L2TP/IPsec PSK.

Server address: enter the server address that you obtained earlier.

edit vpn profile

Swipe up the screen to continue filling out the form. In the IPsec pre-shared key field, enter the IPsec pre-shared key that you obtained earlier.

Tap Save.

edit vpn profile

Connect to the VPN server location

To connect to your new VPN profile, tap the chain icon.


To connect to your new VPN profile, enter the username and password that you obtained in Step 2. Check the box for “Save account information”, then tap Connect.

connect to vpn profile


Awesome! Your VPN profile is now working on your Fire OS device.

Disconnect from the VPN server location

To disconnect your VPN profile, swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap the bar that says VPN Activated.

disconnect vpn profile

Tap Disconnect.

disconnect vpn profile

Sådan konfigureres ExpressVPN L2TP til din Amazon / Kindle Fire OS-enhed
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