Ny lov til fordel for ikke at være så herlig Kasakhstans regering

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Ny lov til fordel for ikke at være så herlig Kasakhstans regering

All Kazakhstani citizens will soon be owners of a new certificate. It’s not one to proudly show off to your wives, though.

The Kazakh government has passed a new law that requires a digital certificate to be installed on the phones and PCs of every citizen. It will harvest web traffic, passwords, calls to your goat farmer, and even financial details. Indeed, the certificate will pretty much capture anything the government wishes.

This is just another instance of a government trying to force its way into your life. It’s a blatant information grab, and they didn’t even try to disguise it. At least, not very well. The news came to light when Telecom.kz posted the surveillance plan in a November press release. It was hastily withdrawn, but when will people learn that Google saves everything…

It’s not the first time a government has attempted to shoehorn their way into our digital lives. And it certainly won’t be the last. But at least now we know they are doing it, and we can protect our privacy. It’s almost funny to watch them blunder around, failing.

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Ny lov til fordel for ikke at være så herlig Kasakhstans regering
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