ExpressVPN understøtter flere Linux-distributioner end nogensinde

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ExpressVPN Linux distributions

ExpressVPN loves Linux, and released the first dedicated Linux CLI all the way back in April 2016!

Currently, ExpressVPN for Linux 1.4.1 is available, and a large variety of distributions are supported. Plus, if you’re browsing the web via Firefox, Chrome, or Chromium, you can also control the app with the ExpressVPN Browser Extension.

With a huge thanks to ExpressVPN user, Johan, we‘ve also added instructions on how to install the ExpressVPN Linux CLI on more distros than ever, including Kali, Parrot Security, and Qubes.

There is a good chance that Linux works on even more distributions. Try it out and please let us know!

ExpressVPN for ubuntu

VPN for debian

VPN for Fedora

VPN for CentOS

VPN for Raspberry Pi

VPN for Peppermint OS

VPN for Linux Mint

VPN for Lubuntu

VPN for Kali

VPN for Parrot Security

VPN for Kororaa

VPN for Zorin OS

VPN for Qubes OS

VPN for Ubuntu Studio

VPN for Maui Linux

ExpressVPN understøtter flere Linux-distributioner end nogensinde
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