‘We Must Provide Solutions for This Country’: Brazil’s Lula

‘We Must Provide Solutions for This Country’: Brazil’s Lula

Lula speaking at the Worker’s Party 6th National Congress. | Photo: EFE

While speaking at the Worker’s Party, PT, 6th Congress, Lula said that his main goal is to “prepare the PT to return to govern Brazil.”

On Thursday, former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva participated in the opening of the Worker’s Party, PT, 6th National Congress.

Prensa Latina reported that during the event, Lula called on delegates to discuss in depth a robust governmental platform that responds to the concerns of Brazilian society.

“A program with solutions for this country must come from here, one that can be discussed in each factory, in each square, in each street, in each school,” noted Lula. He exhorted his colleagues to prepare themselves to face off with and defeat their political and class enemies.

Lula stressed that if their program and ideas are well articulated and leave the halls of the congress and permeate throughout the streets, the PT would win the presidential election in 2018.

He added that his main goal is to “prepare the PT to return to govern Brazil,” as he reflected about the first decade of the 21st century, a period in which he governed Brazil, which saw the greatest social inclusion the country had ever experienced.

A study conducted by the technical director of the XXII National Forum, Roberto Cavalcanti, and undertaken by the National Institute of High Studies, revealed that between 2001 and 2008, Brazil’s Social Inclusion Index grew, on average, at 5.3 percent per year. During that same period, the gross domestic product, per capita, grew, on average, at 2.3 percent.

The details highlight that during this period of Lula’s presidency, social inclusion grew at a significantly faster rate than economic growth. In fact, as a result of income distribution policies which attended to the basic needs of all, Brazil experienced the greatest social inclusion process in its entire history.

Lula also mentioned how the corporate media has systematically sought to massacre the image of the PT and destroy the party as a whole. However, he told his colleagues not to worry about the trumped up judicial cases that have mounted against him, saying that he had already “proved his innocence” and that now he would demand that his accusers “prove his guilt.”

PT’s 6th National Congress is scheduled to go on until Saturday.

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