Argentina’s Fernandez has Comfy Lead in Congress Bid: Poll

Argentina’s Fernandez has Comfy Lead in Congress Bid: Poll

Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner | Photo: AFP

Fernandez recently formed a new political alliance called “Citizen’s Unity,” that aims to form a coalition against the neoliberalism of President Macri.

The former President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has a wide lead in an early poll for her Senate election bid against a conservative candidate backed by current President Mauricio Macri.

A Friday poll by Ricardo Rouvier and Associates showed that Fernandez enjoys a 35.6 percent voter intention in the Buenos Aires province, which is home to about 40 percent of Argentina’s voters.

The poll was taken from June 27th to June 30th, with 1,600 voters in Buenos Aires participating and a 2.4 percent margin of error.

In October, the former President will be pitched against Macri’s former education minister, Esteban Bullrich, but the latest poll shows she has a comfortable 9 percent lead over him.

Fernandez has announced the formation of a new political alliance called “Citizen’s Unity” that looks to form a broad coalition of parties against the hard neo-liberalism of Macri’s administration.

Under Macri’s administration, economic controls were lifted and social spending slashed, undoing many of the progressive gains made under the Fernandez presidency.

Poverty has been on a sharp rise, with a March study by the Catholic University of Argentina revealing that since Macri was sworn in, approximately 1.5 million people have been pushed below the poverty line.

Consumption has fallen in the country, as prices for basic goods and services in the country have risen sharply. A study earlier this week showed that the purchasing power of the lower classes has dropped sharply since 2015, widening the class disparity.

“We need to put a limit on this government in the next elections to stop this adjustment,” Fernandez said earlier this year. “With them we don’t have a future, I don’t think it’s fair that we are suffering.”